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Here’s what people are saying about Eartha:


“We have hired the talented, creative, entertaining and beautiful Eartha Delights for an annual corporate event over six years now. Each year has been a new, excellent performance that has brought laughter, enjoyable surprise and excitement to the audience. Whether her character for the night is thought provoking and sexy, sarcastic and saucy, or silly …

Rachel Eilts, We Ha Unlimited

“Mesmerizing. Entrancing. Wicked. Naughty. Fun. Hilarious. Also professional, community-boosting, mentoring awesomesauce. Total package, right here.”

Jason Dawson

“Not only is she spectacular performer, she is also an excellent teacher! Is you have any interest in burlesque take her class!”

Lola Loquacious

“Burlesque Uprising was a truly amazing experience. During the 8-week course, I went from a quiet, introverted girl with no dance background and no performance experience into a more confident, empowered seductress. I could not have done it without Eartha’s teaching, guidance, advice, support, and encouragement. Eartha not only teaches you how to shimmy and strut, …

Psyren Damson

“Eartha is a very understanding teacher. She gets physical limitations really well, and will work with you. She gives options rather than suggestions, which allows the student to pick or not pick what they feel comfortable with. It was a pleasure to watch her with new and experienced performs. I would take her class again.”

Maxine Charisma

“One of my favorite acts of the night was Eartha Delights’s psychedelic bump & grind. She was patient, a trait I’m starting to really love watching in certain burlesque performers. If a strip tease builds like sex, which I think it should, I’m growing really fond of the performances that don’t rush toward a climax, …

Paco Fish, Pin Curl Magazine, June 2014

“Just another twat on FB.”

Random Self-Proclaimed “Gentleman” on Facebook