Why take a burlesque class?

Burlesque classes can transform you.
Photos by J Michael Strange

Burlesque classes are empowering.

Good burlesque classes teach you to tap into your sensual power and work through and past your insecurities. You will learn to love the skin you are in unconditionally. You will get your body and soul moving, building confidence and creating energy and vitality not just in class and on stage, but in every aspect of your life. Whether you intend to pursue a career onstage or only perform in your own boudoir, burlesque is bound to enhance your self image as well as how you present yourself to others.


Burlesque is political.

Photo by Steve Thompson

Throughout history, feminine sexuality has been demonized and criminalized in order to control not only women, but people of all genders who dare express it. To dance suggestively and literally bare yourself in public is inherently subversive. Burlesque is especially powerful because it is self contained theater – every part of your act from concept, costume, and choreography to where, when, and for whom you perform it is entirely under your own control.

Burlesque Classes are FUN.

Colorado Burlesque Festival 2011
Photo by Alex Rimorin

Learning to bump, grind, shimmy, and TWIRL (Oh yes, you will make those tassels spin!) with a handful of fierce, fabulous new (or old) friends is just about the best time you can have in a dance studio. You’ll laugh, you’ll bond, you’ll glue shiny things to your underwear… Burlesque classes are truly a blast.

Are you sold yet? Ready to get naked and empowered? Ready to shake and strut and spin in ridiculously sparkly outfits? Perfect. Read on.

Join us for Burlesque Uprising: Spring 2017!

“Burlesque Uprising with Eartha Delights” is an 8 week intensive burlesque course, starting with history, theory, and movement, and culminating in a stage ready performance piece. All students will have an opportunity to perform in both a private, invitation only recital (date/location TBA) and Rebel Rebel KC productions. Course will include 8 classes to meet Saturday mornings January 14 – March 4, 2017, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and up to two hours of private sessions with Eartha, plus mentoring and costume consultation as needed. All knowledge/skill levels and genders welcome.

Cost for course if paid in full prior to 1/14/16 is $375* and includes optional open studios (subject to studio availability – dates TBA). Class size is limited and preregistration is required.

*If the cost is prohibitive to you, please don’t despair! Work study opportunities, barter, and payment plans are available – contact earthadelights@gmail.com for details.

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